The Sanction Regime

Sanctions are having a massive negative impact on our Society, not only are they are destroying families, communities and lives.

Sanctions are also a broken solution to a problem that does not exist.

A brutal uncaring regime that is intended to cause as much suffering and indignity as possible for those caught up in the system.

They like to call it encouragement but as most of us know who have spent any time signing on it is bullying.

Everyone is treated with the same total disregard regardless how many years worked or how much of a contribution they have made in the past.

If you are unable to work for any reason at all you are treated as a shirker and scrounger right from the offset and punished.

Punished to such an extent that life can become unbearable.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has admitted that 10 of the 49 benefit claimants whose deaths were subject to secret reviews had had their payments sanctioned.

.DWP told Bellows that 10 of the claimants covered by the 49 “peer reviewed cases” had had their benefits sanctioned at some stage.

The admission came in a response to a freedom of information request submitted by Anita Bellows, a researcher with Disabled People Against Cuts

Suicides deaths and homelessness are all by products of this vicious regime, some seek refuge in the prison system unable to cope on the outside where at least they will have a roof, warmth and a regular meal if they tow the line or not. Unlike those on the outside.

Some try to seek refuge or at least short re spite by claiming disability or illness benefit often due to the stress brought on by the endless pressure and soul destroying attitude of work coaches.

Where has the respect for fellow human beings gone !

Our cities are becoming ghost towns doorways often become shelters for the homeless and the rise in cheap synthetic drugs is no coincidence as people self medicate to escape the brutal reality.

And who can blame them when they have little future or hope to re-engage when they will only be faced with the same conditions that got them there in the first place

The Government sell all this to the gullible public as a good thing they are just being caring and compassionate.Because Sanctions are just tough love. To help those that need a little push, to do the right thing. They want us to believe they care about the sick and disabled and only want to ensure they have equality.


Thank you Ministers you Cured me!!!

That all these efforts are designed to give dignity and improved mental and physical well-being through the miraculous healing powers of work.

The facts the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) would like us to believe are not like your common or garden facts. No, the DWP facts are not based on evidence nothing silly like that.

No the government is relying on bullshit assumptions and blind ignorance.

If your doing a job you enjoy, the pay hours and holidays suit your lifestyle.  Then, YES, work can be good for you, if that is what you want to do.

But for the those who are faced with dull repetitive work, low pay and long hours that often clash with family commitments work is no health giver.

And soon they to if not already will be facing the extra burden of being lumped in with the sick, the disabled and unemployed when universal credit is fully rolled out.

The Jobcenter say they offer help and support

There is no help or support at the jobcenter only suspicion and conflict.

They do not have the time,resources, contacts or training to do very little else. Work Coaches are often inadequately trained under paid, under resourced and under pressure from both sides of the fence.

They take a career they believed might help others. Then faced with the brutal reality that the job they signed up for has radically changed. They are just there to police the claimants. And in some cases although admittedly they may not be aware at the time, pronounce a death sentence !

Suspicion and Fear

Ministers turned job centres from places to go for help into places of suspicion and conflict, and it is about time the regime was scrapped in favour of proper investment in staff and resources to provide genuine support to those who need it. According to Public and Commercial Services Union’s Mark Serwotka.

Some Work coaches see sense and take a less strict approach. Most are like the Witch finder general purging the Welfare System of anyone they suspect of shirking or even dislike and often unlawfully. You only have to look at the statistics to see how many people who had the energy and resources to fight back actually won during the appeal process.


You are telling me you have only done 79 steps this Week when it should have been 80 ?

The money gained from those who fail to appeal more than pays for the court fees for those that do, so it cost them nothing to peruse anyone for anything should they so please.

Always appeal no matter what you think the outcome may be.

Do not deny yourself that right!

Treated Like Criminals

Sanctions are based on political agendas and flawed ideologies, those in need are treated more harshly than Criminals.

They can be forced to undertake unpaid labour without committing a crime , have no access to legal aid, will have to repay any fines imposed at a much higher rate than criminals and will lose 100% of their immediate income.

They can be sent to rehab in the shape of repetitive schemes courses and programmes that offer no help other than to add to the stress.  The prison is the office, the padlock is losing the money, and the key is the advisor.

Instead of breaking rocks they will be punished by having to create endless CV’s, forced to apply for unsuitable jobs or repetitive job searching, speculative letters, interview techniques, whatever they can think up so they seem to seem doing something.

And waste valuable time !

They can be fined without trial, the fine is 100% of the offenders income to be paid instantly .

Those that police the system (Work Coaches ) are just as confused by the rules as everyone else.

Snowed under by memos and amendments, having to face the most vulnerable and see the effect the system is having on people. They are just told if you have a doubt, raise a doubt.

How can that induce a positive atmosphere or outcome for anyone.

If you need further evidence DWP Whistle blowers explain exactly what is going off.

Sanctions have a major impact on people’s lives, they are a flawed cruel and uncaring solution to a problem it cannot never fix.

There will always be unemployment, we need it !

The Social Impact of Sanctions

Latchkey Kids

Latchkey kids are more common now than ever as struggling parents do not have the time to provide the necessary care and support.

And they will often miss out on their own childhood taking on the burden of caring for a younger sibling. Often losing touch with their peers.

Is it a coincidence that suicide is on the increase ? Anxiety and Depression is at epidemic proportions. The number of people attempting to claim sick/disabled is rising.

Some rightly so, attempt to seek sanctuary from the vicious welfare regime underpinned by sanctions.

We are all a few steps away from this.

Sanctions cause homelessness, Mental and Physical Health problems and places further barriers to get into work.

In an open letter to The Independent, doctors from Britain’s leading mental health organisations said that an urgent review of the system must be carried out to discover how deep an impact sanctions are having.

“We, the UK’s leading bodies representing psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors, call on the Government to immediately suspend the benefits sanctions system It fails to get people back to work and damages their mental health. ”

British Psychological Society

It is more than disgrace that we as a nation are idling sitting by and allowing our own Government commit acts of aggression on its own citizens with psychological warfare and  starvation.They are also punishing the next generation who by default are subject to the same regime it imposes on their parents.

What crime have they committed ?

It is even more of a fucking disgrace that more people could be arsed to vote save the badgers or name boatymcfuckface whatever than tackle the issue of conditionality and the effects it is having on fellow human beings.

Shame on you !!

Balance Of Power

Unemployment is an intentional element of a capitalist system, yes without unemployment the wheels of capitalism would grind to a halt. Capitalism need unemployment to grow. A army of unemployed waiting in reserve.

A army ready to take up the slack so new businesses can be staffed , existing businesses can grow.

Without this army the balance of power would shift.

Workers would be able to demand higher wages, better working hours, paid leave and conditions.

So why are the unemployed being punished and their resources depleted when they add such much value to the economy, this regime is making them less productive and less able to return to work ?

Would a football team do the same to those on the benches waiting as reserves! It makes no sense whatsoever.

Unless now collectively as a nation we have now decided if you do not cut the mustard, unable to compete in the jobs markets,ill/disabled then you will be sentenced to a long slow painful decline into the abyss.

The public have been fooled utterly and completely,

How much does it cost to keep someone in prison ? £100-£150 per day !

The actual cost to the public purse for each homeless person ? costs to police and courts, health workers,homeless agencies and the overall cost to administer the systems the cost to the NHS due to consent stress and the inevitable health issues that come with it, or those tying up the NHS trying to seek some sanctuary so they can recover enough to even contemplate going back to work.

Sticking plasters cost at least 10-20 times as much than actually solving the problem.

A underestimate would £10s of billions of pounds per year in savings if the attack on the disadvantaged was suspended by ending conditionality and therefore sanctions.

These savings could be then used to provide long term solutions as people begin to engage with the system once again without fear.

 Job Market

The Job market has changed with the second wave of AI and automation most Jobs are now at risk. It is an inevitable fact of modern life that there will never be enough Jobs to go around.

There will and always will be people who might not want to work now or in the future for a myriad of reasons.Personal problems, disability, or just not cut out to keep up with the demands of a working life. For them the penalty already exist in the shape of a payment set at a rate that only provides for the bare essentials.

It is not easy living on the bare essentials when all around you is a world of consumerism is constantly telling you what you’re missing out on. So why further add to peoples misery by imposing a Sanction. Is that not the incentive to go to work right there.

holidays, owning the latest and greatest gadgets, luxury goods and services like toilet paper Designer clothes and pound cob shop  and Restaurants. Who would want to deny themselves all that ?

 Life without Sanctions

If we just removed the Sanction element from the Welfare state it would go along way to fixing a lot of problems. The knock on effect would have a major impact on other services. And save a substantial amount of money if we do the maths.

The DWP then can use their time and effort to offer a quality service. Swiftly identifying those who want help and providing that help. Not just wasting time just policing everyone and offering no help whatsoever.

Removing the sanction element then makes the welfare state what it designed for.

A safety net those for whatever reason who are not working could then have at least some peace of mind they have some semblance of stability.

So they can concentrate their time and effort getting back to work with help from the job center. Rather than having the stress and worry having to play cat and mouse at each interrogation.

Faced with the ever looming threat of sanctions mandating claimants to carry out tasks set by people who have no experience whatsoever in recruitment. The DWP are encroaching on more people’s lives now with the introduction of Universal credit.

No One Is Safe

No one will be safe from the Sanction regime who may need financial assistance. Due to low wages and or hours. Lets face it the world of work has changed with temporary jobs, zero hour contracts and part-time work becoming the normal.

The knock on effects of removing sanctions would offer up some surprising results. Furthermore it is possible to make Universal credit once fixed in our view a role model throughout the world of how to work and manage a humane welfare system. A welfare state fit for the future and not stuck in some Dickensian past.

The Solution

We will be looking at and discussing the different solutions over the coming months. Such as Universal basic income which getting a lot of coverage recently.

Unconditional minimum income guarantee which is a different beast entirely.

And making a few suggestions ourselves.

Whichever seems the most popular by the end of the year will become the main focus of the campaign.