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This series of articles is aimed primarily at people claiming JSA single and 24 years or older.

Simply put that is the group I fall into. It would be to much work for me alone at the moment to include other groups read more about me but overtime I hope that changes.

There are many great resources available online that can help you out in that regard.

This guide does try to provide some basic benefit information along the way. But this guide is a more a off the beaten track on how to survive the punitive benefits regime and regain control of ones life..

Rather than fighting sanctions we aim to prevent them in the first instance. Complying fully with the regulations.

Should a doubt be raised by your work coach or anyone else through either lack of training, bruised egos or malicious attempt to make life our harder. We are in a strong enough position to not only win the battle but the war.

Other groups

If you are from another group such as JSA 18-24, Universal credit, ESA or whatever and want to join in by writing about your experience and learning together by all means get in touch.

It is possible that some of these articles would also be relevant to other groups and benefits. But I cannot say beyond reasonable doubt that would be case. So your mileage may vary should you choose to do that.

As always visit the forums if you have further questions or need help in anyway.

JSA single 24 years and older

Apart from our younger brethren JSA single over the age of 24 are the bottom end of the of the scale when it comes to empathy and finances. this group are also one of the hardest hit by benefit freezes.

They  do not have access to other types of benefits or help that other groups might.

If you read Jims Journey it becomes clear why those on JSA single over 24 have it so rough.

And typically after expenses have less than £2 per day to spend on food and Job Seeking.

Single also means

You have no one to share the bills with so costs such as heating,water,electricity have more of an impact.

Food is generally sold for 2 or more people so costs prohibit some meals. And no access to other financial help such as winter fuel allowance. And the minimum amount allowed if taking out a budgeting loan.

Life in this group is no luxury at all.

Regardless life on any benefit can be hard for any of the groups and for the majority it is not something that they have chosen.

More a victim of circumstance generally attributed to those in power.

So with enough pressure as it is just trying to survive on a pittance. It does not help week in week out having the fear of sanctions continually gnawing away at the back of your mind. Along with whatever else they think they can throw at you. Having no regard or respect for your rights or circumstances.

This guide will change all that if you read through it a few times !


If you are in this group and believed all the bullshit they throw at you. Then this guide really will be an eye opener and a sanctuary to regain some control. Enjoy some peace and harmony once again in your life.

And help you avoid the stress, useless schemes and courses offered by unsympathetic, uncaring work coaches who have no idea what a waste of time and public money they actually are.

They do you no good apart from zap your time, energy and scant resources.

£2000 CV and Covering letter

My present CV and covering letter alone has cost so far over £2000 to the public purse to create.

I kid you not.

Drafted and redrafted week in week out over the years by numerous so called recruitment professionals.

But still it does not reflect me in any way shape or form, it is basically a pack of lies and I am supposed to be the idiot who attends interviews and convince others that is who I am ?

Do I wonder why having been led by a ship of fools over the years I still remain unemployed ?

2 years on the work programme with Ingeus and a mentally deranged advisor finally convinced me I need to regain control of my life.

It took over a year after fighting back and winning the battle before the effects of the stress and harassment finally started to subside and this site is now my next stage in the recovery process.

Hopefully this guide will help you in some way to regain clarity of thought, the ability to manage your own life and recover both mentally and physically. Then you will then be more able, ready and productive to join the labour force.

Which is what everyone wants … right ?





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