The continuing journey

build your defences

So far

So we have pretty much prepared out defences, understood our rights and why it it is important to use them and why we are using them.

By using the job search notes which are also available here. We have Informed the uninformed or refreshed the memory of those who knows better what the law is. And how it applies to the way we are treated and how we expect to be treated.

They are clearly informed of our position and in no mood to change our stance. Should they persist it could be construed as harassment.

Do they truly want the threat of that hanging over their heads if they are wrong. Much the same way, do we want a sanction ?

We now know what to expect during our signing on session and we are fully prepared for the encounter.

We can also show we are complying with our work search requirements to be considered actively seeking employment.

And should a doubt be raised then it can only be a positive outcome for us in the short or long term. We have taken the precaution to carry out above and beyond what is required. And we can evidence that and more should the need arise.

Also we know enough to resist most efforts to push us onto most courses, schemes, and programmes.

Not the End

But that is unfortunately only the beginning we also have a journey ahead of us. Hopefully that journey will be shorter now you have the time and energy to make the right choices and moves getting you back into work, Rather being run ragged by the energy zapping, soul destroying, stress inducing attitude of the DWP.

The next series will round this series off and includes topics on illness, holidays, schemes courses and programmes, fighting a sanction should it occur and how the process works. How to make a complaint. What do if your late or missed an appointment, consent and some useful templates and a tad more legal jargon.





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