Mushroom cloud


(Mutually Assured Destruction) MAD has kept the world from the brink of an all out war.

Basically it is a stalemate situation where neither side can win.

There will be no spoils of a nuclear war, contamination will see to that.

And whoever is left will be facing a bleak future and extremely long wait of thousands of years before the radiated dust literally settles.

We are in perilous times indeed, the once unmentionable threat of nuclear is now becoming something that is spouted on a daily basis.

Thankfully I am well prepared I got some white paint for the windows and an old door I can use as a shelter.

Others are not so lucky !

Still if it ends benefit sanctions once and for all who am I to argue.

Seriously though if you can survive the blast, the radiation, the nuclear winter and all the disease that will spread like wildfire as corpses decompose wherever they fell, starvation, lawlessness and violence, mutations and cancer, the loss of loved ones then it might not be all that bad in the long run.

Do not forget who helped pay for these weapons, who profit from the governments trade in arms that kill tens of thousands of innocent folk each year.

Who support a government that spends billions each year designing and creating more cost effective ways of eliminating human beings.

And no I do not mean benefit sanctions but there is a striking similarity.

Who support borders, flags, armies.

Who believe we should play a DOMINANT role on the world stage.

Who are as guilty as those they entrust to do their bidding.

This is why people need to relearn how to govern themselves to prevent this system from rising from the ashes, each and everyone of us are victims regardless of status or position.


The system may have got you but it aint got me.



System, system, system – Death in life!
System, system, system – The surgeon’s knife!
System, system, system – Hacking at the cord!
System, system, system – A child is born!

Poor little fucker, poor little kid
Never asked for life, no, she never did!
Poor little baby, poor little mite
Crying out for food as her parents fight…
Crying out for food as her parents fight!

System, system, system – Send him to school
System, system, system – Force him to crawl…
System, system, system – Teach him how to cheat!
System, system, system – Kick him off his feet!

Poor little schoolboy, poor little lad
They’ll pet him if he’s good, and they’ll beat him if he’s bad!
Poor little kiddy, poor little chap
They’ll force-feed his mind with their useless crap
Force-feed his mind with their useless crap!

System, system, system – They’ll teach her how to cook!
System, system, system – Teach her how to look
System, system, system – They’ll teach her all the tricks!
System, system, system – Create another victim for their greasy pricks

Poor little girly, poor little wench
Another little object to prod and pinch
Poor little sweety, poor little filly;
They’ll fuck her mind so they can fuck her silly
Fuck her mind so they can fuck her silly!

System, system, system – He’s grown to be a man
System, system, system – Taught to fit the plan
System, system, system – Forty years of jobs!
System, system, system – Pushing little buttons, pulling little knobs

Poor fucking worker, poor little serf
Working like a mule for half of what he’s worth
Poor fucking grafter, poor little gent
Working for the cash that he’s already spent
Working for the cash that he’s already spent!

He’s selling his life – She’s his loyal wife;
Timid as a mouse, she’s got her litle house
He’s got his little car, and they share the cocktail bar
She likes to cook his meals – you know, something that appeals
Sometimes, he works ’til late, so his supper has to wait
But she doesn’t really mind, ‘cos he’s getting overtime
He likes to put a bit away just for that rainy day
‘Cos every little counts as the cost of living mounts
They do the pools each week, hoping for that lucky break;
Then they’d take a trip abroad, do all the things they can’t afford
She’d really like to have a fur, he’d like a bigger car
They could buy a bungalow, with a Georgian door for show
He might think of leaving work, but, no, he wouldn’t like a shirk
He’d much prefer to stay, and get his honest day’s pay
He’s got a life of work ahead – there’s no rest for the dead
And she’s tried to make it nice, he’s said “Thank you,” once or twice

System, system, system – Deprived of any hope
System, system, system – Taught they couldn’t cope. (I know!)
System, system, system – Slaves right from the start
System, system, system – Til death do them part!

Poor little fuckers, what a sorry pair
Had their lives stolen, but they didn’t really care…
Poor little darlings, just your ordinary folks;
Victims of the system and it’s cruel jokes
Victims of the system and it’s cruel jokes!

The couple views the wreckage, and dreams of home sweet home;
They’d almost paid the mortgage, when the system dropped its bomb


Seems so long ago when crass were a big part of my life but they opened my eyes and mind for which I will always be thankful.