How to feed a family of four jacket potatoes with 1 spud and a little patience


Ok before I let you in on the magic, potatoes were a just an example this can also apply to many other root vegetables and greens …………………… ….drum roll,…….plant it.. wait…. you got 4,6 maybe more.

Yes absolutely is that magic or what !!!!

It might be glaringly obvious but how many of us actually do this ?

If you are a already a gardener and grow your own fruit and vegetables then great you know how much tastier your own produce can be .

If you do have a garden then there is no excuse at all !!

But for those who do not have a garden the options are limited, allotments are hard to come by and expensive although you can grow most crops in tubs and containers if you have the space and sun to stand them.

If you have neither space nor a garden there are still some options open

Maybe Family or friends, neighbours might let you take a patch of their garden in return for cutting hedges mowing lawns or sharing in the fruits of your labour.

Guerrilla gardening

Guerrilla gardening is the act of gardening on land that the gardeners do not have the legal rights to cultivate, such as abandoned sites, areas that are not being cared for, or private property.

If you take time to look around it is surprising how many potential locations you can find that could be used to grow some veg even fruit and of course there is always foraging opportunities out there to add to our bounty.

We could in theory forage and guerrilla garden enough fruit and vegetables to last the whole year if we took a little effort and organised ourselves.

Indoor Gardening

Then a final option which is my preferred method for various reason is a combination of indoor growing, guerilla gardening and foraging.

Indoor grows are not affected by the seasons, any plant will grow at anytime indoors as long as you provide the right conditions.

This not only means you can grow all year round but your crop will be ready much faster than it would be outdoors.

Also vegetables grown indoors are far more superior and healthier compared to the supermarket counterparts.

Plants can also provide other health benefits by growing in the home they help to clean the air and provide a pleasing calming atmosphere.

So get 5 tonne of top soil which should give you enough depth to grow most veg in a standard sized living room and use a wheel barrow to……………. ok it is not going to be as bad as that and when complete your indoor garden will become an attractive feature as well.

I could just at this stage post some relevant links and leave it at that but it is something I have been planning to do myself and in part I already do so with foraging.

So over the course of the next few months I will document the choices I made and why and how I progress finally and more importantly the results of my efforts and savings.

Is it really possible to provide oneself enough food by growing and foraging living in a second floor flat ?

Well I am about to find out for that’s for sure.