RIP UJM And Hello Find A Job Service

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Well an the end of an era is sadly upon us as Universal Jobmatch is set to be replaced in May.

When you login to Universal Jobmatch you will be greeted with this message.

Universal Jobmatch will be replaced by the Find a job service on 14 May 2018.

Important: If you have an existing Universal Jobmatch account it will not move to the new service.

Save any information you want to keep, like your CV, cover letters and application history by 17 June 2018.

No mention of them actually destroying the records and why has Universal been dropped from name when one assume they would want it reflected throughout the evil empire, only time will tell.

But have no fear Jobseekers there is a new kid in town.

Find a Job Service, must have spent a fortune coming up with that name, elegant yet to the point.


A Simpler, More Modern Way of Jobseeking

The tool will continue to provide jobseekers with the ability to search for work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jobseekers will be able to create an account to which they can upload CVs, create relevant email alerts and view their previous account activity. Changes to the user registration process will see a simpler, more modern way of accessing and managing job seeker accounts.…match-service/

Finally the ability to search 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is inline with Universal Credit !!

Seriously though maybe they see this as another bite at the cherry when “you need to sign up to Find a Job Service” starts to become the new mantra at the JCP.

And are they referring to the claimant or the work coach when they say “simpler, more modern way of accessing and managing job seeker accounts.

I hope at least it will be GDPA compliant but I have a sneaking suspicion they might have closed some of backdoors learning from previous experience.

I see the good folk at FOI are already on the case so be interesting to see how this all pans out over the coming month.

It was only the other day I was being told for umpteenth time I had to make a UJM account so it clearly shows not even the staff know what is happening.

And then is it a coincidence this seems to be a rushed announcement and GDPA set to become law 25th of may…….hmmmmmm

It might be surprising how much this costs to the public purse.


After many many FOI requests Find a Job service has practically laid to bare and frankly one can only say so far, it is a half decent service and nothing at like its evil sibling the now defunct UJM.

I would even go as far as to say use it as your first choice compared to others such sites it is quite functional and at this moment in time less bogged down by fake jobs and the ilk.

It records your searches and applications off site and on and can be easily printed off or screenshot which can be used to prove your taking steps if ever a doubt was raised

And more than likely any jobs your work coach might pull you up on will no doubt be sourced from find a job so it is always worth keeping on the ball in that regard.

So ironically I would argue the case while it remains in its present form that FAJ is your main source for job searching.

Rather than me reinventing the wheel a excellent source relating to FAJ amongst other things can be found here on mrfrankzolas blog.