Open letter to Work Coaches

Mental health issues

In light of another tragic death sponsored by the DWP I felt the need to ask those who administer this destructive regime a few questions.

And to consider for one moment and take a long hard look at what you are actually being tasked with and the consequences of sanctions.

You are carrying out orders that may result in others deaths. Do you honestly feel you are adequately trained to make those sorts of decisions ?

Do you think it is right and proper that this responsibility is on your shoulders.

A struggling young mum took her own life after she feared losing her benefits under the Government’s Universal Credit scheme, an inquest heard. Amy Nice, 21, had been suffering from severe depression and anxiety following a diagnosis for kidney disease but had felt ‘pressurised’ to find work under new rules for claimants. On October 24 last year, after months of financial worry, Amy wrote a suicide note saying she ‘couldn’t see a way forward’, dropped off her young son at school then hanged herself in woodland near her home in the village of Coppull near Chorley, Lancashire. At an inquest into her death, a coroner ruled the tragedy as suicide saying the risk of losing benefits would ‘play massively on a young woman’s mind with a young child and history of illness’


Work coaches are you comfortable knowing that your actions may have resulted in

  • The death of others ?
  • Homelessness ?
  • The break up of families ?
  • Starvation ?
  • Mental health issues ?

Further on the article states,

her condition appears to change in late 2016. She was under pressure from the Department for Work and Pensions – a source of income she relied on. The pressure was to get back to work or be able to prove she was searching for work.


Do you think pressurising the ill and disabled is a job to be proud of, Can you sleep well in your beds believing you have done a good days work ?

Your excuse “your just carrying orders” ?

Mental health nurse Emma Clayton said: we have seen a rise in patients coming through presenting similar symptoms of feeling pressured


You might think you understand and use your discretion accordingly but really can you be sure you are targetting the right people. How does it feel to have so much control and power over others lives ?

Do you treat everyone equally everyday or on bad days you like to release your frustrations on the unworthy public. Maybe it is their face or attitude that disagrees with you.If you say that is not the case then clearly your not human. And is that right an proper considering the consequences.

When you see endless news articles and opinions demonizing your Job as a work coach do you swiftly move on, or turn over ?

The welfare state was built on the idea of “the cradle to the grave”. Now for thousands, all they receive is help to that grave. Frances Ryan.

Do you hesitate to mention your work in social circles, or do you proudly trumpet your role ?

Do you really believe the DWP have more capability than Doctors to assess if someone is fit enough to work.

How far is to far

One jobcentre director recently asked staff to use “hassle factor” to get people off benefits. DWP also uses “botherability”, “pester power”

PCS Union

Does it play on you conscience that you could be responsible for pushing people into suicide ?

Can you actually say with all sincerity that the present sanction regime is working, that the ends are justifying the means. Knowing it is killing hundreds if not thousands each year. How far would you go carrying out orders until you finally realise enough is enough. Has it not already gone far enough ?

Take a stand

Jobcentre bosses set up “hit squads” to target benefit claimants for sanctions and put pressure on them to sign off the dole, according to evidence presented to an inquiry by MPs. The written statement, by a former jobcentre official, John Longden, says frontline staff were ordered to “agitate and inconvenience” customers so they fell foul of the rules, enabling staff to stop their benefits payments. Staff who failed to meet sanctions targets each month were threatened with disciplinary action, he claims.

It is only by your consent this practice is allowed to continue. you are nothing more than scapegoats.

Now is the time for you to do the right thing and withdraw that consent. Then let us see if the ministers are prepared to do your dirty work themselves.

Join your union who fight on your behalf to help fight on others behalf.