Never one to shy away from talking about myself this is an ideal opportunity for me to explain why I decided to start this site and why I live hand to mouth and own nothing more than can fit in a rucksack.

I am in my mid 50s single and unemployed claiming JSA.

I am a Scianarchist.

Errrm OK Scianarchist, what the heck is that ?

Simply put I am a anarchist who believes in the right to individuality and reject all authority unless that authority has been given by my consent.

I am anti establishment anti government anti capitalism and anti democracy.

That by right of birth we are all shareholder of the planet earth and therefore we are all owed a living in a form of social security.

I also believe that technology and science are driving us towards eutopia and the emancipation of humankind.

And during this transitional period the only obligation of a scianarchist is to survive, remain in control of ones own destiny and resist being governed and policed by anyone except oneself to ultimately reach a state of contentment.

That the revolution will eventually naturally occur without blood violence or oppression.

A scianarchist is a state of mind rather than a state of nations and is a pacifist by nature but will defend themselves and others when attacked.

This is achieved primarily by living a minimalist lifestyle freeing oneself from the lure of capitalism and the dog eat dog mentality that seems to pervade every aspect of society having been programmed into us from an early age. We do things because they are right not for profit or reward and live very much a humanitarian lifestyle where altruism the arts learning and a pragmatic approach to life rather than the dogmatic approach which enforces the puritanical work ethic in order to drive capitalism which in turn feeds materialism.




realise there is nothing we can do to change the global

I made the name up so no one can argue that I do not understand the principles behind the philosophy.

To sum me up in few word I am a practising Minimalist Anarchist Pacifist Humanist.

John Cooper Clark met the Dalai Lama at Glastonbury after being inspired to remove material possessions from his life in a bid to find enlightenment:

I told the Dalai Lama I only have two belongings: a George Foreman grill and a bottle of disinfectant.

He said: ‘Jesus Clarke, you want to get some shit in your life’”

But what drove me to eventually start this website was seeing how the unemployed the ill and the disabled have been taken advantage of by both left and right of the political divide, humiliated , abused and treated like idiots.

All down to the fact the staff can use fear and intimidation to make the claimants believe they they have to agree to everything else receive a sanction.

Sanctions in some cases have resulted in deaths from freezing, hunger or suicide not to mention the misery.

Having been unemployed on and off for at least 30 years and been on every scheme and course you care to mention starting with youth opportunities program in 1980 and more recently the work programme I consider myself to be a professional albeit reluctant jobseeker.

I say reluctant because I would rather be self sufficient than have to rely on the state but that has not been possible for me so far, but I live in hope, and making every effort it does not remain just a hope.


Please Join the Forums if you have any questions or just wish to let off some steam.

Thank you for visiting.


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