Universal Credit and modern slavery

Universal Credit and modern slavery By Bernadette Meaden July 18, 2018 Could Universal Credit facilitate modern slavery? It seems almost inevitable that it will, and not unreasonable to believe that it is already doing so. If Universal Credit works perfectly as designed, claimants must wait five weeks for payment, during which time some people will have no income whatsoever. In reality, the wait can be very much longer. People borrow to survive. They can borrow from the government, by getting […]

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Why Vote Labour

I believe a modern progressive society has to deal with the fact that not everyone is cut out for the world of work be it circumstances, health , disability whatever and those who do not work have a right to a reasonable life with dignity. The notion that everyone will down tools and sit all day watching Jeremy kyle if conditionality was not built into the system is simply not true most people want to work and improve their lot […]

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Happy Migration Day Countdown to Doomsday !

I am along with many millions more are facing one hell of a shitstorm the moment the migration day countdown on the right finally reaches Zero. I will be adjusting it when I finally know the exact date I am due to get my “Happy Migration Day letter” from the DWP, hopefully I will be removing it if Universal Credit is scrapped although I very much doubt it .   Migration day sounds like some sort of science fiction Dystopian […]

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