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Hardship payments A hardship payment is a reduced amount of benefit payable if you have no other way of covering essentials such as food, heating or medical supplies. You might be able to get one if your benefit has been stopped because you’ve been sanctioned, or you’re being investigated for fraud, or have applied for a benefit and are waiting for a decision. Who can get a hardship payment? You need to be claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), Employment and Support

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Universal Credit 40% Deduction Cap

‘Information required which explains how UC claimants with multiple debts have their debts prioritised and deducted in accordance with the overall 40% limit on deductions.‘. Deduction Priority Order Introduction There is a priority order for deductions in Universal Credit. However, it will only be applied if there is insufficient Universal Credit in payment or if the total deductions would otherwise exceed 40% of the benefit unit’s Universal Credit Standard Allowance. Deductions taken before the priority order is applied  The following deductions are taken before the priority order is applied (in order of precedence) 1.  Fraud Penalties. 2.  Conditionality Sanctions. 3.  Short term Advance (Universal Credit Advance (New claim or Change of Circs). 4.  First Month Advance (Universal Credit Advance (Benefit Transfer)). 5.  Budgeting Advance. Only one conditionality sanction or one fraud penalty can be applied to a claimant at any one time. However, both members of a couple can have a sanction / penalty applied. If a conditionality sanction is in place, and a fraud penalty needs to be applied to the claimant’s Universal Credit, the fraud penalty will take precedence. The conditionality sanction will be applied once the fraud penalty has ceased. If a fraud penalty or conditionality sanction is being applied, an Advance cannot be recovered at the same time. The penalty / sanction will take precedence. The Advance will be recovered once the penalty / sanction has ceased. If a penalty/sanction is only applied to part of the assessment period (for example,  2 days of the assessment period and the deduction totals less than 40% of the Universal Credit Standard Allowance) then other deductions can be taken up to the 40% maximum. If a claimant / benefit unit has more than one Advance outstanding, the priority order for Advances must be applied. Deductions priority order  Deductions are taken in the following order of precedence: Last resort deductions No 6- mortgage interest arrears (where the lender is not part of MID scheme) No 7- owner-occupier service charges arrears (where the lender is not part of MID scheme). No 8 – Rent and/or service charges arrears (minimum deduction rate of 10%). No 9- gas arrears (electricity arrears can come above gas arrears, if needed ) No 10- electricity arrears. Enforcing social obligation deductions No 11- Council Tax or Community Charge arrears. No 12- fines or Compensation Orders (minimum deduction rate) No 13- water charges arrears No 14- old scheme Child Maintenance No 15- Flat Rate Maintenance Ensuring recovery of benefit debt deductions No 16- Social Fund loans No 17- Recoverable Hardship Payments  No 18- Housing Benefit and DWP Administrative Penalties. No 19 – Housing Benefit, Tax Credit and DWP Fraud overpayments No 20- Housing Benefit and DWP Civil Penalties No 21- Housing Benefit, Tax Credit and DWP normal overpayments Enforcing social obligation deductions No 22- Integration Loan arrears No 23- Eligible Loan arrears No 24- rent and / or service charges arrears (maximum deduction rate of no less than

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Toilet Paper And Other Useful Paper Recycling Tips

OK  as always looking at ways to save some money and help the the planet and health toilet paper is one area we can achieve all with equal positive results. I have not purchased toilet paper for many years and save at least £200 per year on average using old newspapers for various tasks Also recycling old discarded newspapers is one way to wipe the smile off the toilet roll manufacturers face. We have an advantage over those that work.

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Stress and the effects on the workforce in waiting

Stress Stress and the effects on the workforce in waiting namely jobseekers  is another example of why this current regime is so wrong. We touched on previously why it is important to the economy to have a number of people unemployed. Who are ready and waiting to fill the gaps as new businesses emerge and existing business grow. Why then are the powers that be determined to cause as much stress as possible to those jobseekers. Determined to deteriorate the

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New Work Coach Bullshit

New Work Coach I have a new work coach and our first meeting went exactly as I expected it would with the same old bullshit. Do you have UJM account NO I want you to sign up so you can record your job search there. NO I refuse to use it How do you record to your jobsearch ? That is my business, I verbally present my Job Search steps. it is so much simpler for me. As long I

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Job Search Notes

This entry is part 11 of 12 in the series JSA Survival Guide single 24 years and older

Under current law I may present my jobseeking steps or work search requirement in the format of my choosing. In order to avoid any future confusion and to prevent repeatedly going over the same issues with either misinformed, ill trained or confused members of staff who seem to not be aware of the Law. I have decided this is my favoured format. Weekly Job Search Steps Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 3 steps Logged on Email checked for any responses, viewed latest

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The Pressures Of Signing On

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series JSA Survival Guide single 24 years and older

This next part of  will deal with signing on. This probably the most stressful time for any job seeker but if you finish the guide it will just be a simple box ticking exercise as far you are concerned. But first lets refresh ourselves. You have negotiated and accepted a Claimant commitment that s right for you. You have refused to sign up to Universal job Match. You now know you only have to take 3 steps or more per

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Universal Job Match

This entry is part 8 of 12 in the series JSA Survival Guide single 24 years and older

UJM If they mention Universal Job Match during your negotiations with the jobseekers agreement or claimant commitment or at anytime in Journey and generally they will. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP TO OR USE UJM IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, FACT!!!! They might disagree with you, then what ? Tell them, You use sites like reed,indeed monster that provide the best tools and opportunities. When you have spoken to recruiters in the past, they tell you they

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CV And Covering Letters

This entry is part 7 of 12 in the series JSA Survival Guide single 24 years and older

CV And Covering Letters It is also likely you will be asked if you have a CV and covering letters by the Job centre and third party providers. Explain you have several CV and Covering letters to suit various sectors where it is likely you may find work and you are able to adapt them to suit any sector if need be. They might ask if they can see a copy. If you have one of the examples on your

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Housing benefit to be restored for 18 to 21-year-olds after fears young people will be made homeless

Housing benefit will be restored for 18 to 21-year-old  A move in the right direction but I suspect there is a hidden agenda behind this move. Disguised as a altruistic gesture.  Maybe they want to re-engage with the yoot. In order to obtain more votes on the net round of whoever you vote for the government wins, merry go round. The young suffered the most since the major changes in the benefit regime compared to other young generations.   This

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Data Poverty

 What is data poverty Data poverty is very common yet many people do not realise they are actually data poor. Unlike food or fuel poverty. Data, the internet, connectivity is not a luxury in today’s digital age. It is an essential resource much the same as water,gas and electricity. But very little is spoken about the impact it can have on peoples lives, especially those on a low income. A trip to the library or anywhere else for that matter

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Orange Is The New Green

Orange is the new Green Yes at the Job centre Plus Orange has replaced Green in the overall colour scheme. After the contract for crown properties ended all the Job Centres in my town merged into the local Council Office. It is now the largest signing on centre in the UK. 150-200 Work coaches in total. I say signing on place because it is no longer branded as Job centre Plus. The decoration is now a awful orange colour that

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Remove Phone and Email letter

This is an example to get you started. At the bottom of the page is a download to the template which you can edit with most word processors. Remove the blue comments and replace the red sections with your own information. As always get a second third or fourth opinion before taking any action. It is your responsibility to do so. Join the forum if you have any questions.   Your address Date Jobcentre Plus Address Dear Sir/Madam Withdrawal of

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Jim’s Journey

Jim Worked over 30 Years Outdoors in all Weathers Digging Roads and Pavements, The Weather and strenuous Work finally had a toll on Jim’s Health. Jim was offered alternative employment but he had only known manual labour, the office world was alien to him. He did not know how to spell computer let alone use one, he would say with a chuckle. His doctor agreed, continuing in his present Job Jim’s health would deteriorate. He should try to find something

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ASE -List Of Acceptable Steps

This entry is part 6 of 12 in the series JSA Survival Guide single 24 years and older

Actions which count as steps towards actively seeking employment All these steps are valid steps towards actively seeking employment and you have to always remember. To be considered ASE you have to take 3 or less steps in some circumstances, and that might not include actual Job applications. asking another person, for example an agent, to help the claimant look for work seeking specialist advice, for example from a Disability Employment Adviser, to improve prospects of securing employment. drawing up

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Corroboration Of Job Search Evidence

CORROBORATION OF JOB SEARCH EVIDENCE The requirement to provide proof  of your Job Seeking Activities. When signing on your work coach should accept your account of what steps to have taken since your last appointment without you having to provide evidence. Job search evidence is only required if your account is inherently improbable or contradictory. Remember not all steps can be evidenced. if a doubt is raised against your claim a simple log should suffice. In the cases where it

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Remove Telephone And Email Address

This entry is part 9 of 12 in the series JSA Survival Guide single 24 years and older

Remove Consent to Store Telephone And Email Address. To store your Email Address or Telephone number requires your consent. (more on that later) Simply ask your Work Coach or third party providers such as the work programme that you require your Telephone number and Email address to be removed from the system. Or better still just send this letter inserting your own details. The must comply with your request. This will ensure you do not get bothered with pesky unwanted

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Freezing Temperatures And Homelessness Should Shame Those in Power

Homeless man found dead near church after sleeping rough in freezing temperatures A homeless man has been found dead in a tent near a church, after sleeping rough in freezing temperatures. The man, named locally as Ben, had been sleeping near St Swithun’s Church in Retford, Nottinghamshire. Nottinghamshire Police said they were made aware of a “sudden death” at 8.40am on Tuesday 27 February. A file will be handed to the coroner. Scout leader Hazel Newstead, who knew Ben, said

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Job Search And Evidence

This entry is part 5 of 12 in the series JSA Survival Guide single 24 years and older

Job Search And Evidence Guide This area causes the most stress and worry for claimants .I have seen people tremble with fear before and after the interview,sweat profusely. The look of fear is in the eyes of everyone sat waiting to sign on. And you can feel the tension rise as their name is called out . It is extremely difficult week in week out when you are having no luck and less options to satisfy your work coach that

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This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series JSA Survival Guide Part : 2 The Journey

You have a few rights which can protect you from the abusive nature of the DWP. The one right we have which seems to tackle a lot of areas is CONSENT. Under the current Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), consent is required to be informed, specific, freely given and revocable. Who might ask you for consent ? The DWP  but mainly Private companies contracted by the DWP. Consent means just that, if anything or anyone asks / requires your consent

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