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Open letter to Work Coaches

In light of another tragic death sponsored by the DWP I felt the need to ask those who administer this destructive regime a few questions. And to consider for one moment and take a long hard look at what you are actually being tasked with and the consequences of sanctions. You are carrying out orders that may result in others deaths. Do you honestly feel you are adequately trained to make those sorts of decisions ? Do you think it […]

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Sanction Regime

  The Sanction Regime Sanctions are having a massive negative impact on our society not only are they are destroying families communities and lives. Sanctions are also a flawed solution to a problem that does not exist. A brutal uncaring regime that is intended to cause as much suffering and indignity as possible for those caught up in the system. They like to call it encouragement, or nudging but as most of us know who have spent any time signing […]

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