How many DWP Part time staff sanctioned  


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16/07/2018 8:20 pm  

Been trying unsuccessfully to get an answer to this for months it just shows the government are too big and too unwieldy in my opinion if the cannot answer this query without it costing more than £600 and 3.5 days to accomplish.

I will try again and restrict my search for 1 months then I guess keep requesting for monthly data.



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Job Seeker Allowance Single 24 + long term Jobseeker (30 Years)

Sentenced to Youth opportunities Programme, Restart Courses,New Deal, Flexible New Deal,Mandatory Work activity,Work Programme and many other shit pointless courses I would rather forget .

Sanctions= 0 so far !
Resistance Rating 9.5
Removal of Financial penalties from the welfare state.
Ergophobia recognised as a legitimate MH issue.
Legalisation of Cannabis

I am not legally trained nor an authority on any subject at all, I stand on the shoulders of giants always get a second opinion before acting on anything you read online.


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