Is it better to resist the DWP or comply ?  



I have read through many forums sites and other such resources and there seems to be a difference of opinion as to what is the best way to deal with the JCP and partners when you feel they are asking you to do something you think is unreasonable. 

Should you just comply, do not complain not argue accept what they say and just get on with it.

Or should you fight your corner until either victory or give up when it seems your battle is lost.

Or maybe a combination of both ?

If it is a combination of both then how do you balance it ?

What do you judge is the line and how far are you prepared to go if you feel that line has been crossed.

Would you rather accept a sanction than comply even if at the end of the day it was a trivial matter such as showing your work coach a copy of your CV without personal details redacted.

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