[Solved] Now Universal Jobmatch is closing is Find a Job worth signing up for?  



Now Universal Jobmatch is closing is Find a Job worth signing up for?

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Quick answer NO; there are far better job sites,


Your roach might try to force/intimidate you to sign up,

there is no legal reason why you should, its Not Mandatory to sign up/use

FAJ, Providing you can prove other sites you use are as good  😮 

or a lot better.  😎 

Can you name me one negative factor using find a job as opposed to other search sites ?


I would say not to be so quick to dismiss Find a Job as a useful tool and would go further and say it should be your preferred search engine and chosen method of presenting evidence should ever the need arise and a doubt be raised

  • It is not as intrusive as UJM and probably more strict in how your data is processed compared to other popular search sites. you can also use it without creating an account nor can work coaches access it in any way.
  • The number of Jobs on Find a Job are a true reflection of the overall job market at the moment displaying only 160,000 jobs as opposed to a million or more on other sites where quality counts more than quantity
  • Your Work coach is likely to reference find a job when finding suitable work on your behalf so it is worth keeping ahead of the game and already be aware of the vacancy
  • Unlike UJM it records your job searches, jobs viewed and both on site off site applications making it easy to print off evidence should ever a doubt be raised.


Personally I believe the hype and fear mongering surrounding Find a Job was slightly over the top when all said and done and impart all this is all down the GDPR forcing change rather than an altruistic act on behalf of the DWP.

Practising Anarchist, Pacifist and Minimalist.


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