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Well not shaved or posted any updates for a long time does it tell ?

I am now officially on Twitter and 4 months on building this site. I also slowly starting to promote the site in the hope it might get others to join and make it a great resource for information relating to the struggle.

I think the Q&A section is an ideal format to build up information from the community and the more involved folk get the more precise the answer will be.

A user asks a question regardless if they know the answer or not.

Other users then try to answer the question and be as concise and precise as possible.

Comments in this section are like annotations asking for maybe more information from the user, or thoughts findings and musings to aid your final answer.

If the user who posted the question see an answer he feels best answers his question then they simply click it and it is marked as the answer, other users can up vote answers so the best should always remain highly visible and easily searched.

The more accepted Answers you post the higher your credibility rating along with a few other factors.

I have given an example already it is easier to use than explain .I will probably be adding more overtime myself but if anyone wants to give it a go and sign up then you are more than welcome.

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