Closing Down sale - Everything must go !!!!!!  


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01/12/2018 4:59 pm  

Due to relocation this site and forum are both closing down.

I will be holding a closing down sale giving others the opportunity to own a unique piece of the sites history.

The doors open at 1pm on the 11/12/3018 for the final DAY sale !!!!!!

Everything must go, so make sure you get in early to catch the rush.

All posts are for sale including fixtures and furnishings with prices ranging from £9.99 to £99.99 .

If there is anything that takes your fancy you may pre order to avoid disappointment.

Whatever remains when the doors close at 2pm on the day of the sale will be donated to a charitable cause.

******************SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED*****************************



Practising Anarchist, Pacifist and Minimalist.

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09/12/2018 2:30 pm  

I Did wonder what was going on !; I Can No longer log into Respectful Benefits, Messed up when changing Details.

Yer I Know, dboy Hope you still have my e-mail.

Off for a final look around


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16/12/2018 5:18 pm  

Hey Paul only just seen your post I was just about to delete everything so I will leave this up for a while, it struck me others might also be wondering so I will explain here.

I paid £2 in total for a years hosting and the domain name , if I renewed it for this year it would cost me over £100 to continue.

Had some interesting experiences at the JCP over the last few months and some work in progress so will save documenting all that (there is a lot ) for the next site, so though it may seem I have been inactive I have been highly active just not on the site

The next site will either seem like I have gone full tilt or there is some method to my madness.

It will be something like the adventures of Indiana Jones and the job centre of doom.

A sanctuary for anyone being affected by the social security system.

And a rallying point for anyone interested in being proactive and fighting back from the inside.

I should have the new forum/site up and running early January refocused and repurposed.

I will fair warn anyone though that Work coaches and Managers or maybe anyone else for that matter from the DWP might be visiting the site in fact I expect they will.

It is always a possibility anyway invited or not but I want the development of the welfare site to be included in my claimant commitment as a route to paid employment and my Cannabis site also which I have also been developing as a route into self employment.

With the support of the DWP I think I have a chance of overcoming my ergophobia.

Can you imagine what it would be like  if someone had acrophobia week in week out in order to access social security they were thrown of a plane with a parachute that would be considered cruel at best, That is how it feels for me signing on.

I honestly believe there are many claimants suffering ergophobia especially long term unemployed.

There has to been some underlying mental health issue, if one does not do everything can, to escape the grasps of the DWP into the wonderful world of work and prosperity while living on a income that is not designed to support someone long term.

Small steps are needed for me if I am to recover if any at all to be honest at this late stage in the game.

EA 2010 is an interesting read but I am still determined to be the last person in the UK on JSA or at least at the last table.

I must say I did try to engage with politics for a short while, albeit with gritted teeth, I just felt that the present government are morally corrupt, people are dying and it would not be such a big thing to put my name on a piece of paper even though it meant I was consenting to being ruled by another authority for the first time.

Then I came to my senses.

I can engage with, and get along with all sides of the political spectrum but also frustrate, annoy disagree with in equal measures on some point or other.

The over disagreement I have is that they all want to rule me and I just want to rule myself.

The Jesus who many believe was an anarchist taught that there is no higher authority than God and that God lives in each of us.

Therefore I am the absolute authority on all thing relating to me, that is my interpretation and I am sticking with it.

Yes it is all me me me me me these individualists lol

 I do not hate those with power and privilege nor do I evangelise the poor and disadvantaged.

Both can be equally greedy and cruel we are all just products of a system that is out of control and everyone of us are trying to make sense of and survive best we can in the short time we are given.

No Flags No borders No Masters Anarchy and freedom is what I want ! and the occasional Gregg's.

That last bit is not true. I never eat at Gregg's when I ring to book a table they just laugh at me.

I noticed you had not been on RB for a while, so that explains why.

Yep got your email address which  you used to sign up to this forum. I will Email you the link once up and running.


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Practising Anarchist, Pacifist and Minimalist.


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