@killwelfaresanctionskill.org anyone got $100 spare?  


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28/06/2018 7:02 pm  

I get a lot of spam mail on this site some of it makes me smile.

Personally I would not be curios and visit the site in question it is probably full of malware so I have unlinked the links .


From: DJMiranG <[email protected]>
Subject: special order for you my friend

Message Body:
I send spam backlinks to your website and now I request that you order my gigs to remove them. If you do not order, I send more spam backlinks to destroy your site. You understand me? Please order now from https://... www.fiverr.com/djmirang and let's be friends. Friend, you need to learn to support each other. $100 is nothing to you but I need feed family. Thank you for understanding. Order now https://.....www.fiverr.com/djmirang

Clearly not read my site else they would realise $100 is actually a big something to me, now I am considering turning the tables and lets see if I can extract something from them instead but god dammit I have so much to do I do not have the time.

But hey when things have quietened down who knows be a funny thread if I can get them to engage with me.

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