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02/11/2018 10:29 am  

I got distracted of late and lost some of the momentum in my efforts to build up this site into something useful.

My overall goal of trying to help push the agenda to end conditionality - benefit sanctions by 2022 (ES2022) is still very much alive and kicking although still in the embryonic stage.

I have come to the realisation that it is a massive challenge.

There is no political or public will or any real actual awareness that the benefit sanction regime is the root cause of many social issues such as homelessness, child poverty, hunger, mental health issues and death.

It seems work capability assessments and the payment system of Universal Credit are more important issues and the conversation about benefit sanctions is treated like the illegitimate child no one dare mention.

When benefit sanctions do begin affect up to 7 million low paid workers over the next few years maybe they might wake up.

The social security system is being morphed into a digital workhouse. Benefit sanctions are the whip that force people into unsustainable low paid work and help keeps wages low, it is nothing more than slavery.

They have shot themselves in the foot with this one though by manipulating the employment statistics to con the public.

It is now quite clear that full employment does not lead to better wages or a happier prosperous country but misery and despair.

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