[Solved] Can I be mandated with the threat of a benefit sanction to work for nothing ?  



I have heard there are lots of schemes where you work for nothing such as work experience, sector based work academies and volunteering etc. Can I lose my benefit if I refuse to do that ?

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Simple answer is no but that does not mean they might give the impression it is.

Inform your Work Coach from the start that it would be a waste of time sending you as you will not sign up.

If you have been mandated to attend any opportunity by the way of a Job seekers Direction that may involve working for nothing then arriving and leaving is classed as participating.

If you do accept the offer then you can only be sanctioned if you commit gross misconduct and asked to leave.

Being lazy late or not turning up IS NOT classed as gross misconduct.


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Practising Anarchist, Pacifist and Minimalist.


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